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If you have ever wondered upon on how to have your own personalized loan investment plans, then MyInstantoffer – LendingClub platform is the answer to all your queries.

The LendingClub is exactly what it stands for, an online portal allowing you to personalize instant loans up to $40,000.

Sounds promising right? Because it indeed is and the only thing left to do is know the procedure of opening a lending club account and trust us if you do not open an account here you are missing out on the real loan deals!

In case you are looking for further detailed information, please visit the website and read through the ‘loan Application ‘plan.

If you have an unfortunate credit history, there are various other options available guiding you through your financial plan.

Why you should avail this online service?

Diving head straight into loans can be a very daunting task. With alarming interest rates and tiring bank, visits can drain half of your energy and pocket.

However, with a reliable online platform, you can not only secure low-interest rates but can also avail personalized loan plans while being supervised by loan lenders. Now that is worth a deal!

If you do not believe our words then read the real-life people MyInstant Offer Reviews for yourself. Your trust in the service will build on its own.

To connect lenders and borrowers is an online web portal for the customers of lending club.

The rate of APR, which you can pay, is up to 35.89%. All these loans are presented by the industrial bank named as Utah- Chartered, WebBank. This bank also manages Peer to Peer lending.

Myinstantoffer Usage

You can use My Instant Offer,

  • To pay off medical expenses,
  • To get a loan for spending a vacation,
  • To pay the interest rate of your credit card,
  • Loan for Home Remodeling,
  • Loan for purchasing a car,
  • To pay off your school fee,
  • To get a loan for the installment of your house,

If you are in a hurry to get money and don’t want to waste time in requesting a loan from the bank as it is a time-consuming process so don’t worry MyInstantOffer will help you in this case.

Requirements for Loan Qualification

To be qualified you need to fulfill some requirement that is as follow:

  • You can’t be qualified if your credit score below 600.
  • A consistent job and a salary are must be qualified.
  • Your income verification must be completed to be eligible.

Taking Loan from Lending Club

To apply for the loan you must be sure that the lender with whom you are dealing is a trustworthy person and will follow the interest rate, which is required by him/her before.

Go through the amount of loan, the rate of the interest attached with it, the period in which you have to return the amount and the repayment process before making the agreement of loan.

  • Rules and regulations 

The terms and conditions presented by for the loan should be followed by you.

If you will fail to meet the rules that this will lead to cancel your loan application and affect your financial history in a bad manner.

  • Loan processing time 

Note the processing time of the loan. Each investor offers you the different time-period for your requested loan amount.

Make deep research and find the best investors who can give you a loan on an urgent basis.

  • Compare loans 

To make a comparison of the loans is very important before selecting anyone.

Visit the site as they are offering various offers so by keeping in mind all of them select the one best for your financial status and is according to your requirements.

Process of applying for a Loan at My Instant Offer?

If you have already received an offer letter of myinstantoffer in a mail from the lending club then follow the instruction given below:

  • The funding code is mentioned in the offer letter, which is a 12 numbers code and should remain personal.
Myinstantoffer Pre-Approval Loans Offer Letter
  • The next step is to visit the site and check your rate. Now you have to provide the 12 digit pre-approval code to start the application process. You have to enter it carefully by following the instruction given.
  • Now provide the details required to check you are eligible for Myinstantoffer personal loan or not. The information you need to enter is given below:

The amount required – The range of the amount you can avail is $1000- $40,000.

By entering your credit score, you will come to know whether you are eligible to get the required loan amount or not.

Applicant – In the next step, you will be asked whether you are applying as an individual or as a co-borrower.

Our suggestion to you is to add the co-borrower as it will help you and increase the chances for you to get a high loan amount.

Borrower’s Name – Enter your full name as mentioned on your previous financial documents, as it will be useful for myinstantoffer to go through your credit score.

Residential Address – Enter your valid address plus your date of birth.

Email-Address – Provide your email id for creating Myinstantoffer

Annual Income – Enter your annual income details and the sources from where you are receiving your income that include job, business or pension.

Enter your Social Security Number in the given space.

  • By filling the form be careful while entering the information required and check it before submitting the form. The contact information should be submitted correctly so that Myinstantoffer can contact you easily when required.
  • After submitting the form soon you will receive a loan offer and you have to select the offer as per your choice and requirements.
  • After selecting the loan offer now wait for the response from Myinstantoffer. You can log in to your Myinstantoffer account and check your loan progress at that time.
  • After receiving the approval from the investor your money will be transferred to you within 3 to 4 days to your bank account.

The challenges of taking loans from banks

The challenges of taking loans from banks
  • Inflexible Repayment

When a bank grants you a loan, it demands to make a regular payment to return the loan acquired.

Most of the time you are unable to pay off the loan as the Installments are too high, due to which you missed the payments.

In addition to this banks make an agreement in which it requires your personal guarantee to give you the loan. In which it is mentioned that your personal assets will be seized if you failed to pay back the loan amount.

Moreover, your credit score will be crashed if you will fail to make on-time repayments. Which will make it difficult for you to fetch a loan in the future.

  • Strenuous Conditions

To qualify for the loans of a bank you have to be eligible for it. The criteria for which is very difficult and compulsory to pass.

Your loan will only be accepted if you think that your company is able to pay back the installments on a monthly basis without any difficulty.

You will be grant with the bank loan only if you are having valuable collateral that includes real estate or track record.

Moreover, if you will select the option of the unsecured loan then you have to pay off high-interest rates for this throughout the loan period.

  • The Full Amount is not Granted

The major drawback of taking a loan from the financial institution is that you will not get the complete amount, which you had applied for you will get only 70 to 80% to the amount, which you need.

This will lead you to gather the remaining amount from any different source. That will be a big challenge for you.

  • Ever-changing Payment Amounts

The interest rates, which are being charged to you on making loan repayments fluctuate without any warnings based on the financial institution’s market standing.

Depending on the market situation it will be hard for you to make the payments on time in the future due to the fluctuation in the interest rates.

If you are raising funds to start a new business or want to expand the previous one the fluctuation in the interest rate will prevent your business to grow properly and this will affect your business growth because the bank will not help you out in paying the extra expenses.

Not all the things mentioned above are here to discourage you. On the other hand, there are also various advantages of taking a loan from the bank but for this, you have to meet the eligibility criteria.

Lending Club offers For Myinstantoffer

The world largest platform of lending is known as a lending club. Facebook initiated lending club in 2006 and it is located in San Francisco.

You can avail myinstantoffer pre-approval Lending Club personal loan in good interest rates which in comparison to other financial institutions are in very low rates.

On the site, there are a variety of deals on the loans, which are upgraded regularly. According to your choice, you can select the loan offer.

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), is ranked as A-, which shows that it is a trustworthy organization is offering personal loans great deals.

How It Works?

On the website of the Lending Club, there is information on a variety of the borrowers of both individuals and companies.

All the personal details of the borrower are mentioned on the site that includes their credit history, financial history, requirement, income, credit score, and reliability.

At the website, these details can be upload by any of the person who is in search of a secured loan.

Based on the information provided, Lending Club defines the credit grade for the borrowers by which they will come to know how much interest rate they have to pay.

The qualified applicants will receive the approval within minutes after that they can select the loan they required.

On comparing Lending Club with conventional bank-granted loans the customers report a 24% interest rate which is lower according to

In the next three years, the loan will be repaid. The option to make loan repayment within five years is also available with a high-interest rate. So by keeping in mind all the aspects Myinstantoffer is definitely one of the best options.

The lending club performance statistics, which are record previously, are impressive.

According to the site, the data collected by them results that 16.2 years is the average ratio of the borrower, which he spent with the club with 699 as a FICO score, income ratio of 17.7%, the personal income of $73,945 and the annual loan amount of $14553.

By accessing the website all the investors according to their requirements short-term repayment or the high-interest rates can go through the list of loans and select the borrower as per their choice.

After the loan transfer, the borrowers pay the monthly payment and the investor will earn the interest on it on a monthly basis.

Why use Lending Club?

Visit the site and check the Lending Club rating is highest in the customer satisfaction in the industry.

By offering different attractive deals, they keep the customer market satisfied. The offers presented on the site is for both investors and borrowers.

The opportunities presented to them is free from risk and reliable for investing and the options for consumers are easy and viable.

Other than that, In Lending Club to apply for the loan is much easy. You can fill the application form anytime online after which you will get to know the decision in a few minutes and anyone the option suitable for the user can be selected by the user.

The amount taken by the borrower can be returned at any time in the form of a prepay. It is up to their choice whether they want to pay in a fixed amount every month for their entire loan amount or go for another option.

The investing process is on point and the solid returns are provided to the users.

From time to time the investors giving the loan with an increment can build the portfolio of the amount as small as $25. The amount can be reinvested or withdrawn in parallel.

  • Privacy:

All the information of the user is privacy protected by the Lending Club. The information collected by the borrowers nor leak and neither presented to anyone to buy.

They keep it personal and only make it visible to the investors who need it to provide the loans.

This will guarantee you that your private information will remain saved when they are accessing the online portal. The privacy policy of the company deals with the confidence of the user.

  • Transparency:

It is the responsibility of the Lending Club to provide the information of all the past loans to the users.

By which they come to know about the background data and services of the company and the performance of investor.

It is difficult to know whether the source of the loan is reliable or not. None of the strings is attached to the deal and it is transparent. The main thing is the potential borrowers know the policies of the service providers.

On the other hand, the customers also know the condition imposed by the investors already.

Why do Borrowers Loan from Lending Club?

The reason most people prefer to borrow money from Lending club other than banks or credit card is that it will charge you a very low-interest-rate as compare to them.

The range lies between 6%-26% that depends on the grade that the Lending Club assigned to the applicant.

Majority of the individual take loan for paying their credit card bills or other loans.

Some of the reasons mentioned below are from the borrowers, which they usually mention while asking for a loan amount.

  • To get a loan for spending a vacation.
  • To pay the interest rate of your credit card.
  • Loan for a Home Remodeling.
  • Loan for purchasing a car.
  • To pay off medical expenses.
  • To pay off your school fee.
  • To get a loan for the installment of your house.

Methods of investing at Lending Club

Lending Club is presenting two methods of investing for an investor which are as follow:

1) Manual Investing

2) Individual/Private Investing

Manual Investing: Before choosing one option a person check the available option provided in front of him. In this situation, you can use the filter option in which you can set your investment criteria.

Individual/Private Investing: In this type, you will only see the options, which are according to your requirements.

You can invest in applying for an individual loan or you can also go for the notes and buy them infractions.

You can buy the notes in an increment of $25 as it is also available in this form.

Methods of investing at Lending Club

Complaints of Borrowers and Investors at Lending Club:

There are various concerns that the Borrowers and Investors are facing at the Lending Club. Some of them are listed below and further in detail Lending Club Complaints are also at your disposal:

  • The Lending Club rejects the application if the users are unable to meet the requirements. Before considering the application, they check the credit score, which must be above 600 FICO score. This is a guarantee from the user side that it will make the payments on time and verify the document provided.
  • The criteria for the minimum annual income for the Investment applicants is $70,000 that depends on the state they are living. This amount is not for the people with the minimum net worth of $250,000 or above. You cannot invest if your net worth is more than 10%.
  • In the United State, the options for Lending and Investing are not provided. My Instant Offer does not help the people of Lowa and West Virginia. The people living in Ohio, Kansas, Oregon, Maryland, and Columbia can’t participate in funding in Lending Club for loans.
  • If the grades offered by the lending club are unfavorable, then the interest rate may be high for the applicants. The reason for this condition is if you are having a low income, low credit scores or not having any valid reason for borrowing money. For those applicants the interest rate rise to 26%.
  • If the time duration for the paying the loan last longer then it will become difficult for you to pay it off. They offer the time-period of 3 years or 5 years. If you will select the time-period more than that then you will pay less each month but the interest rate charged to you will be high enough to be paid off.
  • If you miss any of your payment then My Instant Offer will make you frequent calls and this thing annoy the borrowers to the extent.
  • The biggest tension of most of the borrowers and lenders is to trust whether My Instant Offer is trustworthy or not. They can easily come to know in the form of my certifications and due to the identification of the Lending Club since its establishment.

Is Myinstantoffer Scam or Legal?

The question arises is Myinstantoffer Scam or legal? The answer is that MyinstantOffer offered by the lending club is legal.

With a great interest rate Lending Club is a trusted way for users to apply for a loan.

Lending Club is privacy protected and the services provided by them is 100% confidential.