Protection Status Lending Club: Has the Best Decentralized Communication System Lending Club Lending Club offers loans with amount ranges to $40000 for a specific duration.

myinstantoffer loan

To start a new business, or to buy a car, to pay for your child education and a new house you need a sizeable amount of money.

And if you don’t have the desired amount to finance your dreams then you can easily get the loan from Lending Club and realize your dreams.

Lending Club secures loans from other financial institutions; means work in a secondary market. WebBank sponsor loan amount to us, which is a modified and insured industrial bank.

The applications at the myinstantoffer lending club are managed according to applicant’s credit score, loan amount, past credit and loan tenure.

Why Lending Club?

To get the loan from other banks and the financial institution, you are to meet the eligibility criteria that is somehow a disadvantage.

And if your loan is approved still you may face some exceptions such as hard conditions, daunting repayments, variable payment amount also full amount not presented.

But in the case of club, we help you to surpass this conundrum easily and get your loan done quickly.

Advantages that you can have while using Lending Club:

  • Adaptability:

If you want an urgent loan, then lending club assists you to have a loan of the wanted amount in short time span, conditioned to satisfy the required criteria.

  • Lucidity: is ready to share all the information about its services, how it works, past loan history. It remains honest in relationship with you.

  • Privacy: provides the ultimate security to all its borrowers. The personal data of all borrowers are kept secret. Also, the data doesn’t sell and share with others for any purpose. Thus, there is an assurance of privacy with us.

How lending club works?

The information that you need to share with the lending club as a borrower is your credit history to income, credit score among others, financial history, loan repayment capability.

After reviewing your application and the provided information Lending Club will assign you a credit grade that will help you deal with the loan further. Your credit grade determines this:

  • Your loan tenure.
  • Interest rate to repay the loan.

And if you qualified for the loan, your application will be processed in minutes and different loan options will be available to you.

You will pay off your loan within 3-5 years depending on your loan amount. Our working criteria is similar to any other financial institute, but we give relaxation and charge lower rates.

If you want to see the loans that we offer you are to visit Where you can view different loan option, interest rates, repayments and alike.

If your loan is sanctioned, then you will the payments and the lender will earn the monthly interest.

Getting a loan from club

If you are willing to take a loan from then keep these factors in mind.

  • Offers

You can have a look at all the proposal that we offer to have a loan at best terms and conditions. You can search for the best lender with the lowest interest rate.

This will help you to save your time, money and other complexities while getting the best loan.

  • Rules and Regulations

While looking for a lender offering a reasonable rate, you should carefully examine their terms and conditions.

The most important things that you need to consider are minimum and maximum loan tenures that lender is offering, legal bindings and the mentioned Annual Percentage Rate.

  • Loan Processing Time offers quick loans to the individuals who are in a rush to have a loan. So, research for the lenders that are willing to give loan for a specific period.

Things to consider as an investor

If you are an investor and willing to invest in, you also satisfy some conditions. In individual states in the US, your minimum income must be $70,000 to invest in Lending Club.

In other states, it can be higher, but your net worth must not exceed the limit of $250,000 otherwise investment application will be denied by club.

Also, your investment cannot be more than 10% of your net worth. And the minimum amount that you can invest is $25.


If you want a quick loan with a lower interest rate, then you can avail the services of lending club. As we have a peer-to-peer lending platform to give you quick loans. Moreover, we provide services to the lenders also for investing their money.